The Fourth Industrial Revolution

What is industry 4.0?  Industry 4.0 refers to the 4th major industrial revolution.  We have evolved first utilizing steam then electricity, and from there companies started employing computers to calculate and build in ways we had previously not known were possible.  Now, interconnectivity looms on the horizon as the next catalyst for innovation in manufacturing. Industry […]

What is ISO 13485?

Certifications are an integral part of becoming a medical device manufacturer.  These certifications prove that the companies that hold them have complied with accepted standards set by the certification boards, and that they are dedicated to excellent business practices.  By confirming that your supplier has certifications such as ISO 13485, you are ensuring that you […]

CNC Machining Vs. 3D Printing

Much like people in general, manufacturing evolves. We now use better, smarter tools than our ancestors. Manual machining has been mostly phased out in favor of CNC machining. Now, some 3D printing leaders think they’ve got the technology that will start to replace CNC/precision machining. Is that true? It depends on what you need. CNC […]

Medical Precision Machining | All About Medical Device Manufacturing

Getting medical equipment from the concept stage to market safely is no easy feat. That’s why it’s important to work with the right manufacturing process — one that helps you overcome the many obstacles that develop when building for such a critical industry. Today, many product makers are turning to medical precision machining services to […]

What Is Precision Machining? | What Is CNC Machining?

Most designers and purchasers have heard of CNC machining. Some have heard “precision” tacked on as well. But people looking for these services — especially those considering an upgrade from manual machining — might not understand what each term truly means. Or what they’re truly getting out of a precision machine product. If you need […]