Aerospace – NaviTek proudly manufactures precision machined components for the aerospace and defense markets. When so much is on the line, advanced manufacturing techniques and a superior quality system are a must.

Medical – The medical device industry presents unique opportunities for NaviTek Machining. From device components to machined implants, NaviTek has the experience and capability to help our customers succeed.

Energy – NaviTek is a major supplier to customers in the energy industry. NaviTek machines parts used in wind turbines, solar energy devices, and down hole drilling. Parts include mechanical components, pneumatic and hydraulic manifolds, valves components and valve bodies. NaviTek has expertise in machining most materials used in the energy industry including exotic metals and engineered composite materials.

Electronics – NaviTek supports the electronics industry with precision components made in our CNC machining centers. The need for close tolerances and rapid responses makes NaviTek a natural fit for this market.

Consumer – Since 1953, NaviTek Machining has been machining parts and components for OEM’s that are used in their manufacturing operations (MRO) and their actual consumer products. These OEM’s manufacture products for the appliance, computer, telecommunications, and transportation industries, to name a few.

Transportation – NaviTek products are found in various vehicle assembly lines and in the vehicles themselves. We support aviation, marine, rail, over the road and off-road transport sectors with precision fixtures and components.