“Advanced technology combined with Toolmakers’ craftsmanship make NaviTek Machining more than a machine shop.”

Rapid Response – NaviTek Machining is known for quick turnaround. Our internal targets are more stringent than even our customers’ requirements – quotes in less than 48 hours, fast response to production schedule changes, and more.

Quality – NaviTek’s systematic approach to quality is on par with the largest players in the marketplace. Our quality system is involved with everything we do, from safety to supplier quality, internal/external PPM, and 360 degree staff evaluations.

Reliability and Customer Satisfaction – Our customers are the final judge of our performance, and they tell us with regular supplier scorecard reports. NaviTek’s quality and delivery results regularly meet customer expectations, and our rapid and flexible responses to their changing needs is second to none.

How Does NaviTek Machining Do It?


  • A knowledgeable, skilled workforce
  • Toolmaking expertise and mindset – keep production up and running!
  • Mentoring system – we use our skills matrix as a Gap tool


  • Machining and operations sequence planning
  • Lot size flexibility—single piece through production quantities


  • An extensive, diversified equipment list
  • Manual/conventional machining (mill/lathe) plus CNC
  • In-house capabilities, such as heat treating and Rockwell testing


  • Superior on-time delivery performance
  • First-piece, second-piece, in-process and final inspections
  • Control plans
  • Able to test everything we make in-house
  • Detailed inspection reports with each order

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